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Publicity Photos

Whether it’s family photography, seniors portraits, or just a fun photoshoot with friends, booking some portraits with me is a  great way to capture precious memories and mark milestones.

As a father of three boys, I know how time passes by so quickly when you have a family.  Children change right before your eyes as they grow up. As a professional musician, I constantly try to create those 'kairos' moments where chronological time is suspended by the beauty of the music.  My professional portraiture has a similar goal, to visually freeze a unique moment, expression or family lifestyle interaction.  Everyone has a unique beauty that I appreciate and try to capture.


Family portraits capture your family’s love in all its uniqueness, so you can look back and remember just how special this time was. Cue the nostalgia!

And Seniors portraits are essential to capture that moment in time where the world becomes full of endless possibilities! Seniors portraits can also be so much FUN and we can shoot different outfits in different places, to make each session unique and memorable!

Or maybe you and your friends just want to get together and get some friend portraits done to commemorate this moment in your lives! We can do that, too!

Planning your session

Our pre-session consultation is all about uncovering what means most to you!  I may ask you about yourself, your work, hobbies, sports and how you relax and enjoy life.

As our children grow up, it seems that time flies by at an even faster pace.

With so many special moments happening every day, don’t you just wish you could hit the pause button on life sometimes… if even just for a minute, being able to soak in all the goodness that is all around you… and remember the special details that will only exist in this particular moment in time.

That is exactly what custom family portrait sessions are all about… the preservation of life’s most cherished memories.

From the beginning stages of planning your perfect session, I will be there to guide you. We will talk about all the good stuff and uncover what means the absolute most to you. Preserving your memories is always an important part of the Skyline Studios portrait experience, we will chat about ways you might want to enjoy your beautiful portraits in your home, and together create a plan for the perfect session. Your family legacy lives on through the power of print.

Information and Investment

Your family portrait session is so much more than a collection of images, they are meant for more than just sharing on facebook. 

All those little moments… and perfect details preserved artfully through the pages of your own heirloom album. This is your story, tell it beautifully and hold it in your hands.

I encourage printing your portraits, there is nothing quite like holding a print in your hand. Prints are the tangible way to preserve your most important memories. While your portrait sessions will be focused around creating Art for you to enjoy, I also understand you are eager to share you beautiful portraits with family and friends. That is why each print purchase includes a complimentary digital copy, sized perfectly for sharing online or viewing on your mobile device. 

"There’s only one thing more precious than our time and that’s who we spend it on."

Leo Christopher


In a nutshell, here is the process:

1. Free Pre-Session Consultation

     -Share your needs and ideas, your hopes and dreams for your images with me over the phone or in-person.  To create an original portrait that truly about you, I may ask you about your interests, hobbies, sports, recreational activities, family background or whatever else is important to you!

     -Discuss of your outfit, location, or photo ideas as well as mine.

     -Discuss the process and logistics.

     -Secure our photo shoot session time and location (session fee due at this time)

2. Photo Shoot Session time (Let's be prompt to make the most of our time together!)

3. Post-Processing and Preparation (This usually takes several days, and about 1/2hour for each selected photo to crop, color-correct, retouch and upload.  Pre-design album layouts)

4. Reveal/Ordering Appointment (in-person or synchronously online)

     -Select your favorite(s) and order prints via my preferred professional photo lab where I can assure quality printing or you may purchase the personal rights to use but not alter the original high-resolution digital files. 

     -Together, modify and approve album layouts and options.


Optional Posing Tips

Preparing for a photoshoot can be intimidating and daunting when thinking about poses, outfits and expectations.  Just remember that we are trying to capture your real self, so all you have to really do is be you.  I will guide you as much as we need so don't feel like you have to come prepared with a particular pose. 


My photography colleague Siri Rose has given me permission to quote her excellent blog post on how to prepare for a shoot:

"I know it may seem like it sometimes, but you don't have to be a model to approach your photoshoot with the utmost confidence. It just takes a little bit of understanding toward light, lines, and how together they work to accentuate every bit of your natural allure. First off, I would say:


I know it seems simple enough, but sometimes you just don't feel like taking a selfie. I get it, trust me, but sometimes a little selfie action is all it takes to get you feeling like the gorgeous dime piece that you are. The only problem with practicing with selfies is that you have a very limited range of motion, so my next tip is to 


More often than not I photograph models that are so sure of their angles (via taking selfies) that they don't want to experiment with any others. Their bodies naturally do the same thing in every pose, because your brain has conditioned you into thinking that's the way you look best. But guess what, YOU'RE HOT AT SO MANY ANGLES! If your photographer says to do something that feels unnatural, give it a shot. If the picture's bad it'll get tossed, but if it's good it'll be a new angle for you to appreciate yo' fine a$$ self.


 If we've ever photographed together, you've heard me say this, "Think long thoughts." Photographs are nothing more than the manipulation of light, shadow, and line, so imagine every photo of yourself this way. Take ego out of it, you are just light, shadow, and line. When you touch your face; long fingers, when you stretch your legs; point your toes, when you sit down; elongate your torso. It can feel overwhelming to be thinking all of these things during your shoot, so just remember the phrase, "think long thoughts."


Anyone from the Myspace generation will know how natural it feels to point your head down with your eyes up to the camera, but more likely than not the camera will not be at Myspace selfie height. That pose from any other angle will shorten your neck, so remember to keep you head held high!


It is VERY common to be overthinking about all of these tips and tricks you learned about on Pinterest that you forget to enjoy yourself. The most important thing above all is to not let yourself get in your head. Stress comes through on camera, so if you need a minute to breathe and center yourself, that's okay. You got this."

Family Portrait Packages

These packages offer the best value over ala cart costs:

$600 | Deluxe Portrait Digital Package

up to two hour session

up to two locations and/or up to four outfits

8 retouched high resolution digital images for your personal use

personalized online gallery hosted for a year


$350 | Standard Portrait Digital Package

up to one hour session

up to two outfits

6 retouched high resolution digital images for your personal use

personalized online gallery hosted for a year

$300 | Basic Portrait Digital Package

up to 30 minutes

one location, one outfit

2 retouched high resolution digital images for your personal use

personalized online gallery hosted for a year

(Note: $50/each for additional retouched high resolution digital image)


Fees / Printing / Digital Image Use

The session fee formally books your portrait appointment and covers the pre-session design consultation, your portrait session, post-processing and preparation of the images and a reveal/ordering appointment in-person or synchronous online. 

No equipment rental fee as I am fortunate to shoot with my own: Canon R5 and R6 bodies and lenses including the Canon RF 24-70mm f/2.8, RF 85mm f/1.2, and RF 70-200mm f/2.8


$300  First Hour + $200 for each additional hour (partial time rounded up by 1/2hour)

           All products and digital files are purchased separately and are not included in the session fee.


$50 for each High-Resolution Digital Image with advanced retouching

         w/ personal use license agreement (Images cannot be altered without my permission.)


A variety of print sizes and dimensions, wall and desk art, announcement cards and keepsakes can only be ordered through my preferred printer lab via my website.  I can help you design and order custom albums.

See current prices listed in this sample gallery by clicking on the buy button (prices subject to change).

      Examples of Albums or Large Prints:

            $503+ 12x12" Album hand-crafted with 5 seamless pages

            $285+ 6x6" Album hand-crafted with 5 seamless pages

            $272  12x18" Flat Mounted Canvas on rigid Gatorboard

            $395  12x18" Stretched Canvas with full-image on the front

            $995  24x36" Metal Wall Art


$100/year hosting

Let's Talk

Want to know more?  Still have some questions?  Contact me today!

I am excited to help you with realizing your images!

$700 | Deluxe Portrait Digital Package 

up to two hour session

up to two locations and/or outfit change

10 retouched high resolution digital images for your personal use

Additional Hourly Wedding Day Coverage

Additional hours of coverage can be added to each package at my hourly rate.
For destination weddings and elopement, please contact me for pricing and details.

Have questions, or ready to book your wedding photography services? Let’s do it! I can’t wait to get to know you better and to document your love in a way that feels uniquely you!


For other types of photography, please check out my portraits photography pages!



Please note that all packages may be subject to travel time and expenses.

All prices are subject to change without notice, but any packages already contracted and purchased will be exempt from any changes.

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