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In a nutshell, here is the process:

1. Free Pre-Session Consultation

     -Share your needs and ideas, your hopes and dreams for your images with me over the phone or in-person.  To create an original portrait that truly about you, I may ask you about your interests, hobbies, sports, recreational activities, family background or whatever else is important to you!

     -Discuss of your outfit, location, or photo ideas as well as mine.

     -Discuss the process and logistics.

     -Secure our photo shoot session time and location (session fee due at this time)

2. Photo Shoot Session time (Let's be prompt to make the most of our time together!)

3. Post-Processing and Preparation (This usually takes several days, and about 1/2hour for each selected photo to crop, color-correct, retouch and upload.  Pre-design album layouts)

4. Reveal/Ordering Appointment (in-person or synchronously online)

     -Select your favorite(s) and order prints via my preferred professional photo lab where I can assure quality printing or you may purchase the personal rights to use but not alter the original high-resolution digital files. 

     -Together, modify and approve album layouts and options.


Preparing for a photoshoot can be intimidating and daunting when thinking about poses, outfits and expectations.  Just remember that we are trying to capture your real self, so all you have to really do is be you.  I will guide you as much as we need so don't feel like you have to come prepared with a particular pose. 


My photography colleague Siri Rose has given me permission to quote her excellent blog post on how to prepare for a shoot:

"I know it may seem like it sometimes, but you don't have to be a model to approach your photoshoot with the utmost confidence. It just takes a little bit of understanding toward light, lines, and how together they work to accentuate every bit of your natural allure. First off, I would say:


I know it seems simple enough, but sometimes you just don't feel like taking a selfie. I get it, trust me, but sometimes a little selfie action is all it takes to get you feeling like the gorgeous dime piece that you are. The only problem with practicing with selfies is that you have a very limited range of motion, so my next tip is to 


More often than not I photograph models that are so sure of their angles (via taking selfies) that they don't want to experiment with any others. Their bodies naturally do the same thing in every pose, because your brain has conditioned you into thinking that's the way you look best. But guess what, YOU'RE HOT AT SO MANY ANGLES! If your photographer says to do something that feels unnatural, give it a shot. If the picture's bad it'll get tossed, but if it's good it'll be a new angle for you to appreciate yo' fine a$$ self.


 If we've ever photographed together, you've heard me say this, "Think long thoughts." Photographs are nothing more than the manipulation of light, shadow, and line, so imagine every photo of yourself this way. Take ego out of it, you are just light, shadow, and line. When you touch your face; long fingers, when you stretch your legs; point your toes, when you sit down; elongate your torso. It can feel overwhelming to be thinking all of these things during your shoot, so just remember the phrase, "think long thoughts."


Anyone from the Myspace generation will know how natural it feels to point your head down with your eyes up to the camera, but more likely than not the camera will not be at Myspace selfie height. That pose from any other angle will shorten your neck, so remember to keep you head held high!


It is VERY common to be overthinking about all of these tips and tricks you learned about on Pinterest that you forget to enjoy yourself. The most important thing above all is to not let yourself get in your head. Stress comes through on camera, so if you need a minute to breathe and center yourself, that's okay. You got this."

Session Fees / Printing & Digital Image Use

Several session options are available to create photographic art that is specially designed for your home or office.  
The Pre-Session Consultation is included as part of all packages.  The session fee is due at this time to secure your appointment date.

The session fee formally books your portrait appointment and covers the pre-session design consultation, your portrait session, post-processing and preparation of the images and a reveal/ordering appointment in-person or synchronous online.  I am fortunate to shoot with my own equipment including Canon R5 and R6 bodies and lenses including the 
Canon RF 24-70mm f/2.8, RF 85mm f/1.2, and RF 70-200mm f/2.8
It does not include any prints or products.  Print options are available from my website directly. High resolution digital images for personal use are $50 each (Images cannot be altered without my permission.)


$300  First Hour Portrait Session

       $200 for each additional hour (partial time rounded up by 1/2hour)

All products and digital files are purchased separately and are not included in the session fee.

A variety of print sizes and dimensions, wall and desk art and keepsakes can only be ordered through my preferred printer lab via my website.  I can help you design and order custom albums.

$50 for each high-resolution digital image with advanced touch-up for your personal use (Images cannot be altered without my permission.)



$600 | Deluxe Portrait Digital Package (2 hours in up to two locations and/or up to four outfits, including 8 retouched high resolution digital images for your personal use) 


$350 | Standard Portrait Digital Package (1 hour in one location, up to two outfits, including 6 retouched high resolution digital images for your personal use) 


$300 | Basic Portrait Digital Package (30 minutes in one location, one outfit, including 2 retouched high resolution digital images for your personal use) 


An additional fee is required for groups of 6 or more.

$700 | Deluxe Portrait Digital Package (2 hours in possible two locations and/or outfit change, including 10 retouched high resolution digital images for your personal use) 


$400 | Standard Portrait Digital Package (1 hour in one location, one outfit, including 6 retouched high resolution digital images for your personal use) 

$350 | Basic Portrait Digital Package (30 minutes in one location, one outfit, including 3 retouched high resolution digital images for your personal use)  


You or anyone in your wedding celebration can order prints directly from your online gallery hosted on my website.


prices upon request




Additional travel fees may apply outside of Kittitas County.

Terms & Conditions

1. Minimum half of Wedding Package Price is required as a retainer. Failure by Client to make payments as scheduled may be deemed a material breach of this agreement and if this occurs, Skyline Studios and photographer John Michel may cancel this agreement and be relieved from any further obligation of performance. The remaining balance is due prior to the wedding date. The balance owed must be received before any photographs will be released. For the remainder of these terms and conditions, the name Skyline Studios will represent both the business Skyline Studios and its sole-proprietor John Michel.


2. In the event of a date change or wedding cancellation, the deposit will not be refundable. Refunds will be based upon individual circumstance as deemed by Skyline Studios. Client acknowledges that the amount of the fees and deposits paid shall be liquidated damages.


3. Skyline Studios will collaborate in all schedules and arrangements for services to be provided. If you or your wedding party/guests/family arrive more than fifteen minutes late for scheduled photography,

Skyline Studios may not be able to make all of the images you might otherwise receive and if this occurs, Skyline Studios is relieved of any liability.


4. Proofs and/or digital files will be delivered approximately six weeks from the wedding date. Reprints must be ordered within 6 months of wedding date. All reprints included in package must be ordered at one time.


5. All rights to images created by Skyline Studios will remain with the photographer. Skyline Studios reserves the right to display any photographs made in conjunction with this wedding as samples of his work for the purposes of advertising, promotion on the internet, publication, instruction and professional competition.


6. The Client understands that due to the inherent qualities of photographic dyes and materials, the photographs may fade or discolor over time. The Client agrees to release Skyline Studios from any liability for any claims based whatsoever upon fading or discoloration due to such inherent qualities. If during the wedding ceremony flash photography is not allowed, the client understands that high ISO settings must be used creating a pixilated or grainy effect in the photographs.


7. If Skyline Studios is unable to perform to the guidelines of this contract due to a fire or other casualty, act of God, act of terrorism or other cause beyond the control of the parties, Skyline Studios shall have no further liability with respect to the agreement. If Skyline Studios is unable to perform to the obligations in this contract for any other reason, Skyline Studios will not be liable for costs in excess of the amount the client has paid. This limitation of liability will also apply in the event that the files are lost through camera malfunction, damaged in processing, lost in the mail, or otherwise damaged or lost with or without fault of the photographer John Michel. While every attempt is made to create the best images possible, no particular photo is guaranteed.


8. In the event of Photographer’s illness or other unforeseen circumstance, John Michel may substitute another competent, professional photographer to take the photographs.


9. Failure by Skyline Studios to exercise any provision, right or portion of this agreement or enforce any portion of this agreement shall not be deemed a waiver of any right contained in this agreement. This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Washington. Any such suit shall be filed in Kittitas County, Washington. Time is of the essence as to all portions of this agreement. If any portion of this agreement is deemed unenforceable, the parties desire that the remainder of the agreement, other than the provision determined to be unenforceable, remain in full force and effect. This agreement contains the full understanding of the parties and can only be modified in writing.

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